What is Karkara?

“Karkara” is the name of our capoeira group, or “academy”. Every Capoeira group has it’s own identity and regulations and standards that they adhere to. The group was founded in April of 2011 by Mestre Betinho and since then has grown in size and we currently have locations nationally and internationally. Our main academy is located here in Boynton Beach Florida USA.

Graduation System

Each capoeira group follows its own cord system for students as they rise up through the ranks becoming better and more well-rounded capoeiristas. As in other martial arts, the color of the cord a capoeirista wears indicates his/her level of expertise in training. Here is the ranking system for Capoeira Karkara:

Kids Cord System (Ages 5 – 13)
Adult Cord System (Ages 14 and Up)

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