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Posted by Capoeira Karkara FL USA on Thursday, September 20, 2018
Mestre Betinho demonstrates the berimbau

If there is one thing that makes capoeira standout from the crowd it is the music! The music is an integral portion of capoeira and without it the Axé or energy would not exist.

We have music class for all ages.
Adults Music Class (Ages 11 and up) – Wednesday at 7:30 pm
Kids Music Class (Ages 5 to 13) – Friday at 5:00 pm

The Instruments of Capoeira

The Berimbau

The Berimbau is the main instrument of the Bateria (musical accompaniment) that dictates and orchestrates the roda (where we play capoeira). The berimbau is made of simple parts that you can see in the image below. It is a piece of wood, a wire, a gourd, a shaker, rock (or coin), and a stick.

What is a berimbau?

“O que é berimbau”

O que é berimbau?
Uma cabaça, um arame, um pedaço de pau.
O que é berimbau?
Uma cabaça, um arame, um pedaço de pau.
Olha como é gostoso tocar berimbau, Uma cabaça, um arame, um pedaço de pau.
Como é gostoso tocar berimbau Uma cabaça, um arame, um pedaço de pau.
Oh lá e lá e lá!
Oh lê lê
Oh lá e lá e lá!
O lá e lá e lá!
O lê lê O lá e lá e lá!

The above is what we refer to as a corrido – these are quick songs that typically sing about capoeira or historical content surrounding capoeira. This one in particular sings of the berimbau and what it is comprised of. The bold sentences are the chorus and that is the portion that the audience calls in response to the verse from the main singer.

The Pandeiro

Hand drum or tambourine

The pandeiro is a very versatile instrument that accompanies the berimbau and helps comprise the bateria.

The Atabaque

While the berimbau is the lead instrument and typically three berimbaus of different pitches – the atabaque really holds the rhythm and carries the bateria.

Join us for music class weekly and come to the weekly roda to see the music in action with the jogo!

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