We are looking forward to SUMMER CAMP 2021! Details coming soon. Email or call 561-737-3425

Summer is all about fun and creating unforgettable memories! We really focus on providing a safe environment where the kiddos can experience the best summer ever while they learn tons of CAPOEIRA! Fun is not our only priority though, we find it very important to support the children in developing their self-esteem and life skills while learning all about self-defense, acrobatics, music, dance, language, culture, as well as instilling values and skills like: respect, self-control, courage, honor,  self-confidence, leadership, physical coordination and balance.


One of the things that makes our camp unique is that we offer two different themed tracks – Warrior Training and Creative Flow.  Your child/children can choose what track to participate in, in addition to all the capoeira training. Typically, our campers will participate in capoeira classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the Specialty Track classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our capoeira classes will include any combination of attack, defense, acrobatic techniques and/or music.

Above are all the possible classes available per track. We will present all the options to each group of kids. Once we see what their true interests are as a group then we can focus more on those specific classes as well as creating a super cool and amazing performance to showcase their new skills with their new friends!

Whether you pick Warrior Training or Creative Flow we will make sure that your child/children will be learning lots of CAPOEIRA while being surrounded and taken care of by positive, responsible, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, and fun counselors!!

Mestre Betinho & Professora Sara Fominha
  • Capoeira classes, Mental Fitness Classes, and Field Trips are included in both tracks.
  • Mental Fitness Class – a class where children learn about kindness, respect, confidence, leadership, honesty, and empowerment through organized games, impactful sharing, and fun activities.    


MAY 1st!

Avoid the waiting list and increased pricing!


Over the Summer we strive to get that perfect mix of chill and excitement!!
From our daily field trips and capoeira lessons to our specialty tracks and structured playtime – we keep their bodies and minds engaged and active!

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