No School Means A Full Day of Capoeira Fun!!

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There is a reason why our one of a kind, family-oriented, action-packed capoeira camp always fills up so quickly! Nowhere else can you get the quality of programming and supervision in a fun, safe, family atmosphere for such a reasonable cost.

Our Karkara Kids have fun developing self-esteem, self-control and life skills while learning the very unique Brazilian Martial Art of capoeira.
Our active, fun, and structured after school not only teaches self-defense, acrobatics, music, dance, language and culture, but also; respect, self-control, courage, self-confidence, leadership skills, physical coordination and balance.


We offer full day camp on no school days! These fun days are included in the After School fee and we do open up any available spots to non after school children.

Follow the link for this school years Day Camp Schedule

Our Summer Camp is like no other!!

A full 9 weeks of capoeira excellence all geared toward giving your child(ren) the perfect mix of fun and structure! Our campers enjoy daily classes in areas that complement and enrich all the capoeira training we do with them, which is our main focus! Daily field trips that vary from education, engaging, relaxing, to thrilling! Our Karkara Kids make memories and friends that can last a lifetime !!
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Spring Break camp is the perfect way to break up the pressures of the school year with some capoeira fun!! Special field trips and tons of training and fun activities planned all week long! Follow the link for more information.


Thanksgiving Camp offers two full days of capoeira fun and excitement! This camp includes a field trip somewhere exciting (changes yearly) and what Thanksgiving is complete without a shared family meal?! Friendsgiving Potluck is a strong focal point, bringing the Karkara Kids together for community and thanks.
Follow the link for more information.

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