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My son Clarence has been attending classes at Capoeira Karkara for several months. During this time, I have had the enormous pleasure of being part of their extended family and watching my son grow in so many ways. It is my delight to see him jump and play with the fellow capoeiristas! … to see him develop socially in a safe, encouraging and loving environment gives me great comfort as a mother.

C. Mestre Betinho is an ideal role model – passing down the tradition of capoeira with grace and wisdom. Sara, with her maternal love and her academic background in education has created a place where children thrive.

This is all a bonus – added to learning the amazing and beautiful art of capoeira! – 8/30/13, Julie Williams


I have completely fallen in love with this summer camp! This is a place where you can come when you’re down and you’ll completely 100% cheered up really quick because of the amount of amazing energy. What makes it extra special is that all the employees here dedicate their lives to this camp and the beautiful kids here. And its not everyday that you find such special people including gorgeous little Salli. I wouldn’t change anything about this camp. Everything is perfect! – Daniela, 12 years old 8/3/13

Hey guys…. check this out! Tommy and Erik go to Capoeira for aftercare and summer camp. What an amazing place! What other camp sends the moms videos? I love it, and I love them! Send your kids there if you want them to be fit, have fun, be loved and accepted, and learn an amazing Brazilian Martial Art form!! They also learn Portuguese, play drums, and get their homework done!! Thank you so much, for taking such great care of my boys. – Francine

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We want to thank you for providing such a great learning experience in your camp!
And as Jake says “the best camp ever!!!”
what an amazing summer thanks to Capoeira Karkara! – sunshine
I’m such a proud mamãe! He’s come such a long way in such little time.
What a great show! I am so happy that my Dasani was able to be part of your capoeira kids family this summer.
Thank you guys for giving us the peace to leave our children in good hands!! You are the best, we love ya!!! – lilia
It is amazing how these kids have improved their skills in such a short time – you guys are doing a great job, keep it up!!! – david arango

We feel very proud and lucky to be part of your studio and to be able go watch roman grow and flower just like capoiera karkara has. Sometimes fate puts you where it wants you. We couldn’t ask for two better role models to be in our sons life. Thank you both. – Seth Ullian

Ever since capoeira has been introduced into our lives it has been an amazing experience. Not only is capoeira an incredible work out but it has changed our lives. My daughter started capoeira a year ago and since then she has evolved into a different person. She always struggled with making friends and having self confidence. Since she has joined this amazing capoeira family she has met some of her closest friends here. Betinho and Sara have helped her build self confidence and to not only respect others but to show respect for herself. I can not imagine what our lives would be like if we never found out about capoeira with Betinho and Sara. Capoeira is not for just kids it is for all ages. I recently joined the group and it has been amazing. Everyone there welcomes you and is always there to help you train and learn new things. I have made many friends here, with both capoeiristas and parents of the kids. Capoeira is not just a sport that you do it is an extended family that you gain.

-Amanda S.

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