Kids Classes

Kids capoeira martial arts classes are available daily in the afternoons/evenings and weekends. To ensure the best learning experience  for our children, we separate classes according to age and ability level. We also follow responsible safety guidelines with everyone’s health and and wellbeing in mind to be able to train safely during the pandemic.


Ages 6 – 12
Beginners (Crua, Crua/Green, or Green/Blue Cords)
Monday 5:00 pm
Tuesday 5:30 pm
Thursday 5:30 pm Roda
Friday 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am

Intermediate/Advanced (Yellow/Green or Higher Cords)
Monday 5:00 pm
Tuesday 5:30 pm

Wednesday 5:00 pm (Int/Adv Only)
Thursday 5:30 pm Roda
Friday 5:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am (Int/Adv Only)

Please be aware of our safety guidelines for indoor training:

• Masks will be worn at all times, except may be removed while training.

• Wash hands before and after training. 

• All equipment and mats will be cleaned frequently throughout the day with hospital grade disinfectant.

• Parents are welcome to stay to watch their children. We just ask to limit the amount of other guests and to respect social distancing guidelines.

• Anyone with cold/flu-like symptoms or fever is asked to stay home.

Highlights from our 2018 event

Capoeira, like other martial arts, has it’s grading or ranking system. We use Cords in lieu of belts. Our Annual event, the Batizado or Troca de Corda, is typically held in November however about midway through the year we have our Cord Striping ceremony. At the cord stripe we check in with the students and determine if they are on the right track to earning their next cord and let them know what they need to focus and work on.
We are also a competing academy!

In addition to our annual ranking ceremony, daily training, various workshops, camps, and other fun events, we also are a competing academy and host to an active demo team that travels and participates in various shows throughout the region.

Juniors Ages 3 – 5

This is the PERFECT AGE to start capoeira to get your kids moving and having fun while beginning to develop rhythm, coordination, self-defense skills, flexibility & self-confidence. Classes are on Tues & Fri at 4pm at the studio

Email or 561-737-3425 for registration information.


Your flat monthly fee of $120 (10% sibling discount) includes all classes on the schedule. 2-4 classes per week recommended)

For Juniors Capoeira Classes (3-5 year olds) the monthly rate is just $99.

*There is a one time $90.00 registration fee for all programs which includes a full uniform and the “corda crua” or starter cord.

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