We will continue with our amazing ZOOM ONLINE schedule until further notice! Starting 5/25 we will also be at local parks teaching on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for some outdoor, in-person, and SAFE capoeira fun!

We also have private lessons available and are now offering FREE PRIVATE 1 on 1 INTRO LESSONS ONLINE for new students of all ages to get started with capoeira from home!

An Update from Mestre Betinho & Prof. Sara Fominha

We know this has been a challenging time for all of us. While difficult, we believe this can also be an opportunity to learn, grow and improve ourselves and our lives in positive ways. We have been doing our best to accept and embrace our current reality by investing our energy into our online Zoom training with the intention to offer the same level of quality training to our students as we continue on this journey toward our new normal. Among the many difficult decisions we have been having to make during this time of rapid change and uncertainty was the decision we recently made to relocate soon to a smaller studio. 

Due to many factors, including not being able to conduct business or (hopefully soon) a very modified, limited version of our business for such an extended period of time, even with the continued support of some of our students who are able to continue paying for online classes (to whom we are forever grateful!), it really is not feasible for us to continue to try to keep up financially with all the overhead that a space of that size requires. Part of this is a financial decision but also it reflects our intentions for the future and where we can best serve the capoeira community. This time has been challenging for all of us in many ways, and has also been a time to reflect, slow down and take stock on what’s most important in our lives. Family and capoeira always top our list. And the two go hand-in-hand. We have looked deep into our goals for the future and are embracing this opportunity to focus on teaching, primarily, and to expand our classes. 

After much consideration of many factors, including the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff, and the new regulations and guidelines that are still being determined and set forth by CDC on if/how summer camps can take place safely this year, we have decided NOT to go forward with summer camp this summer. Our heart is heavy knowing that our camp provides such a powerful and important experience for so many children, ours included, and our volunteers and staff, but we are confident that we are making the right decision for all parties involved. Also, it is unlikely that we will be offering after school pick up when the kids return to school this August, but we will keep everyone informed if we decide that we are able to do so. 

We have made so many amazing memories in our current space, in our previous location, and at the YMCA and other places we taught even before that. We are confident that we will continue to co-create as a community even more profound experiences in whatever new home we find for the Capoeira family. We will still remain in our current location to offer classes for as long as possible while we look around locally for our new, smaller, cozier home. We will continue to provide updates on our new location and our services as things unfold. 

Even among all this uncertainty, one thing that remains very certain is that we will continue, as we have for the past 14 years in Boynton Beach, to share our passion for capoeira and strive to provide a supportive, positive community and consistent, high quality training opportunities for those who have chosen to practice the art of capoeira as a means of enriching and improving their well-being physically, mentally, culturally and socially.

We can’t thank you enough – our students, families, staff and volunteers – for your continued support and understanding as we go through this next part of our journey together, and we are excited for what the future brings for our capoeira family!

With sincere gratitude, appreciation, and hope,

Mestre & Sara

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