Learn to Spin Poi with Patrick & Alan

Alan Lualdi & Patrick Kiebzak are offering a poi workshop to anyone looking to begin poi, or take their poi spinning to the next level; This is an ALL LEVELS class! Beginner, intermediate, and advanced concepts will be explored; you will get value from it no matter your experience with poi spinning and dancing! All ages are welcome.

To pre-register contact: 727-422-0991 or flowsourceus@gmail.com

Cost: $25 (pay at door or pre-register)
When: Sunday, June 15th 1 pm-3:30 pm (2.5 hours in length) 
Where: Capoeira Karkara; 3553 W Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach FL 33436
Who: YOU! 

We will cover the following concepts and movements:

Part 1: (See below for full description) 
-How to warm up to prepare your body for poi spinning.
-Correct posture, alignment, hand & arm position, and feet & leg position while spinning
-A framework of poi spinning including planes, timing, and directions

Part 2: (See below for full description)
-Contact Poi
-Requests! (You get the chance to request us to teach something!)

You are encouraged to bring your own set of poi, however we will have sets of poi for you to use. We will also have handcrafted sets of contact and fabric poi for sale! 

Based on the overall level of the participants in this particular session and the requests that are made, we can move into teaching you new modes, moves, and tricks. We have the potential to cover weaves, reels, turns, footwork, stalls, pendulums, in spin & antispin flowers (with integrated geometry), extensions, pirouettes, throws, drops, isolations, contact, and much more.

About the instructors:

Patrick is an inspiring and flowing man who holds a Bachelors in Education in one hand, and a set of poi in the other. Patrick has been sharing his love of flow arts, dance, yoga, and meditation with others through workshops, fire & LED performances, festivals, after school programs, and his local community. His joyful spirit paired with his ability to keep an environment relaxed & focused, as well as silly & sacred, enables people to evolve and thrive through his teachings & workshops. Patrick is very health conscious and practices yoga, meditation, and poi spinning daily.

Alan was born in Caracas-Venezuela, he has been drawn to the arts such as writing, dancing (movement) and music since a young age. He carries the eagerness to understand everything to its core and to share it with others. After being a musician for many years he decided get a bachelors on audio engineer in Orlando, Florida. Not too long after starting school, he was introduced to movement arts in a different way; juggling, poi, hoop, staff, fire spinning, and the flow arts community as a whole. Four years later, he has traveled through the United States to numerous Flow Arts and Juggling festivals teaching, learning, being, and becoming a better person & instructor of the arts, in every moment.

Detailed information on content:

The beginning of this workshop focuses on awareness of the body and one’s energy while spinning poi. Alignment, posture, stance, arm/hand/feet position, & balance will be discussed and explored. Movement with weaves, turns, reels, pirouettes, throws and the space around oneself while spinning poi will also be explored. We will get our bodies flowing with poi in hand, focusing on the connection we have to the Earth while we are spinning, gently becoming aware of our way of being during this process. Through this process we will also get feedback from other workshop participants, lifting our spirits high and providing positive words to fill us up. Instruction in this workshop is available from beginner to advanced levels. Note: This part may get silly.

Other concepts explored: 

– Archer weave, meltdowns, behind the back (waist-wrap).
– Snakes and the different variations with different timings and directions.
– Different applications and combinations of moves mentioned above.

Throws 101 and beyond:
-Pendulum throws
-Letting go while spinning forwards, backwards, behind the back, over/under the shoulder, etc.
-Opposite direction (isolated) throws, diagonal throws.
-Zero beat throws (also known as minimal beat or lazies), zero beat weave and other zero beat applications (over the neck/behind the back, etc.)
-Flat throws
-2 poi in 1 hand throws

Contact Poi:
– Different stall positions that help further development of technique. Cradle, inner and outer forearm/elbow.
– Contact rolls from cradle, palm and throws. Folding lines, send backs and other variations.
– Different applications and combinations of moves mentioned above.

See you soon 🙂

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