KIDS Batizado & Tournament 2017

It’s an exciting time of year at Capoeira Karkará!

Our big annual event – the Batizado/Cord-Changing Ceremony – will be held on Saturday, November 11th at our beautiful new facility located on 106 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach at 10:00am.


New this year!!

1. Kids and Adults Batizados will be held on different days.

2. We are hosting our first ever kids Capoeira Tournament immediately following each Batizado.


Come see what capoeira is all about! Feel the energy of different students, professors and mestres coming together from our extended Karkara family, different groups and different places under one roof to share their passion for capoeira. It’s something you have to witness to understand the power of this event.

KIDS Batizado & Tournament Schedule

Fri. Nov. 10th @ The Academy

5:30pm  Kick Off Open Roda for all students & visitors –  kids

Sat. Nov. 11th, 10:00am to 2:30pm (Approx.) @ The Academy

KIDS Batizado/Tournament Day!
10:00am –  Performances
10:30am – Cord changing ceremony (Batizado)
12:00pm – Break/Refreshments
12:30pm – Tournament

Sun. Nov. 19th, 11:00am (Approx.) @ Ocean Inlet Park
Batizado Potluck Celebration – Everyone is welcome!!



Kids Capoeira Tournament Details

Immediately following the Batizado/Cord Changing Ceremony, there will be a short break for refreshments then we are going to kick off our first ever kids tournament. The tournament is to encourage self motivation to improve our students skills and abilities and encourage them to achieve their personal best.  We want to encourage all students to go out there and try their best and to be proud of themselves for pushing themselves to their limits no matter what the outcome that day is. We will be awarding every Capoeirista with a participation ribbon.  There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th place awards given to Capoeiristas in four different divisions:




1. JUNIOR DIVISION: Ages 3 – 6

2. BEGINNERS DIVISION: Up to 1 year of training, Ages 7-13

3.  INTERMEDIATE DIVISION: With 1-3 years training, Ages 7-13

4.  ADVANCED DIVISION: With more than 3 years training, Ages 7-13

Competitors will be asked to play in the roda while judges will be observing the following aspects of their game:

  • Technique – precision in movement. Demonstrating balance and control when executing the various attack and defense techniques
  • Flow of movement – using a variety of movements in a fluid way. Moving around the roda and stringing together movements with the ginga. Demonstrating full repertoire of movement patterns and combinations.
  • Defense – Reaction to your opponent  attacks and interaction with your opponent during the game.

ADMISSION FEE is only $3.00 (12 and up) in advance or $5.00 at the door. (Kids Batizado/Tournament Tickets are for the Kids Batizado/Tournament Only)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities available. We will be happy to promote your business in exchange for your support of this event. Email or call 561-737-3425 for details. Click here to download Sponsorship form.


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