Cord Stripe Ceremony & After School Celebration

Mark your calendars! There is an important event coming up for ALL STUDENTS – REGULAR CLASSES AND AFTER SCHOOL!

Our Karkara Kids Cord Stripe Ceremony & After School Celebration will be held on Saturday May 5 from 9:30 am -12 pm at the academy. This ceremony will be for all after school and regular students. Students who are definitely on track and excelling early toward their next cord will be recognized with a stripe on their current cord. We will begin the event with a fun family capoeira class and demonstrations by our Demo Team and After School students.

We are beginning to test students during regular class time, and unless you hear from us by Monday 4/16, then your child will be receiving his/her cord stripe on May 5 and is on track to receive the next cord during our upcoming Batizado. You will be notified by 4/16 if your child needs to come back for some additional testing in order to better determine his/her skill level and qualification.

The cost for participation in this event will be $20 for each student.


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