Car Wash Fundraiser – Saturday Dec. 15th


Car Wash to help the Karkara community in Bahia Brazil


Mestre Betinho bringing a care package full of food to a man in need in Bahia, Brasil during their 2018 relief efforts.


If you are looking to support you can follow THIS LINK to our gofundme campaign. We thank you in advance for your contribution. Please be sure to comment and share the campaign.


The CCAF along with Capoeira Karkara Florida is holding a car wash fundraiser. We will be pre-selling tickets door to door,  in the academy, online, and any way we can get them to you!! 

The Details:

When: Saturday,  Dec. 15th from 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Where: at the main academy – 106 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach Fl, 33426

Immediately following the Car Wash We will be having an open roda to celebrate the help received!

A donation of $10 gets you 1 ticket for the car wash, any donation amount is appreciated and accepted as we are reaching out for help from our community and supporters on behalf of our newly formed non profit organization CCAF (Capoeira Community Arts Foundation) in order to put together a very significant and inspirational event in Mestre Betinho’s hometown of Salvador, Bahia Brazil this Christmas. On Dec. 21 & 22nd, our Capoeira Karkara group in Salvador, Bahia will be hosting a batizado (cord changing ceremony). Our intention is to host an event to inspire the young capoeiristas in the Karkara family in Bahia to dedicate their lives to something positive and enriching such as capoeira rather than the harsh and very often destructive realities of the street.

We also would love to be able to provide some donated gifts and much needed items to the children for Christmas, and hand deliver non-perishable staple food items to the homes of families who are particularly in need (terminal illness, severe deformities, etc) so that they can enjoy a holiday meal. This will be our second year to bring this type of aid to this community and the difference we made in the lives of so many last year with the donations we received was nothing short of remarkable and has inspired us to continue this work now that we have seen how much the support is truly appreciated and what an impact it makes in their lives.

In addition we would like your support to be able to expand our current capoeira training location. The current training space is only able to host approximately 10 people maximum for training purposes. We have been able to begin renovations on the location to expand and allow for more students to attend however the entirety of this project relies on the participation of the group, to include labor and funds. With your support these much needed renovations are going to allow many capoeiristas to begin training on a regular basis, and allow for the growth of our Karkara family in Bahia, Brazil.

In summary, your generous donations are needed specifically for the following items:

– Renovations to expand the size of our current training location to accommodate more students
– Sponsoring a student who would otherwise not be able to participate and graduate to the next cord level at the event.
– Batizado Event costs such as shirts for participants and mestres, sound system, food, instruments, compensation for Mestres and organizers etc.
– Gifts and holiday neighborhood celebration for poor children of the Karkara family in Salvador, Bahia
– Packages of perishable items that include a variety of staple food items such as rice, beans etc (“cesta basica”)

All your donations for this event will be collected on behalf of CCAF. The purpose of the Capoeira Cultural Arts Foundation is to fund raise for educational and cultural programming, outreach and scholarships for Capoeira Karkara domestically as well as in Mestre Betinho’s hometown community in Bahia, Brazil. We thank you in your advance for your support that will provide such a special and potentially life-changing opportunity for so many children and families in need.


“Capoeira Santa” delivering small toys, candies, and other treats to the neighborhood during the 2018 trip to Bahia. All donations were provided by the efforts of the CCAF.

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