05/12 Kids Cord Stripe Ceremony

Kids Cord Stripe Ceremony

Date: May 12th, 2017
Time: 5 – 7 pm
Place: Capoeira Karkara Academy


  • Kids Roda

  • Awards and recognitions for After School students

  • Cord stripes for certain students who excelled during pre-testing

For the kids we will be holding a CORD STRIPE/AWARDS CEREMONY at the academy on Friday May 12th to award certain children who are definitely on track and excelling early with a stripe on their current cord.

*Receiving a stripe on their cord does not GUARANTEE they will receive the next cord at the batizado in October. They must CONTINUE to show their dedication, focus, commitment and progress in order to be eligible to move up to the next level. IF YOUR CHILD DOES NOT RECEIVE A STRIPE AT THE CEREMONY IT DOES NOT MEAN HE/SHE WILL NOT PROGRESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL AT THE BATIZADO. The purpose of doing this pre-testing so far in advance is to give specific feedback so students have time to prepare and learn what is expected in time for batizado.

For families and guests attending, please be prepare to sit on the floor as seating and space is limited. Feel free to bring a cushion or chair.

*All parents will be notified in advance on whether or not your child will be getting the stripe.

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