Carwash + Zumba-thon

Saturday November 30th join us for a Carwash and Zumba Class!!
Carwash – 9:00 – 11:00 am
Zumba Class – 11:00 – 12:00 pm

The Capoeira Cultural Arts Foundation is raising funds this season to support the Capoeira Karkara community in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
We will be providing food, toys, and a community holiday celebration for families in dire need. We will also provide a batizado and instruments for the students in Brazil.

We are asking for a $10 donation to get your car sparkling, shiny, clean
– and/or –
Join us as we dance the day away with ZUMBA!!!
Instructor Hank comes direct from Brazil and brings with him an energy that cannot be tamed!! Last time he came we danced the night away and wanted MORE MORE MORE!!!!

So bring yourself, your car, your dancing shoes, and let’s get ready for an amazing day!!


Why are we doing this?

This initiative began when Mestre Betinho decided to follow the strong calling he felt in his heart to give back to the capoeira community that helped him when he was a young boy to lead him in the direction of freedom and success that he now enjoys and does not take for granted. Many people know that Bahia is the heart and soul of capoeira, where it all began, and not only is it important to support the cultural art form that is capoeira, it is more important to give back to the community that gave so much when it had so little. Mestre Betinho grew up in Bahia in a very impoverished town. We have all heard the stories of what it was like to wonder where your next meal was coming from or if it was coming at all. These people truly live that reality. This December and Holiday Season we are not only looking to support the Bahia Group once again by aiding in providing a Batizado Celebration, instruments, shirts and food for guest mestres, but we are also providing a holiday meal and non perishable items to those in severe need and a Christmas celebration to children that without our help would not have anything this year. Our goal is to help more and more people each year, and that is only possible with your help! 

How else can you help? 

Simply make a donation in the amount of your choice. All proceeds gained will go directly to the efforts of the CCAF in Bahia, Brazil! 

Each online donation will receive one “ticket” for every $10 increment.

Each online donation will receive one “ticket” for every $10 increment.


We would love to be able to provide some donated gifts and a community celebration for the children for the holidays, and hand deliver non-perishable staple food items to the homes of families who are particularly in need (terminal illness, severe deformities, etc) so that they can enjoy a holiday meal. This will be our third year to bring this type of aid to this community and the difference we made in the lives of so many in the last two years with the donations we received was nothing short of remarkable, and we would like to help even more people this year if possible. 

In summary, your generous donations are needed specifically for the following items: 

– Packages of perishable items that include a variety of staple food items such as rice, beans etc. (“cesta basica”) 

– Gifts and holiday neighborhood celebration for poor children of the Karkara family in Salvador, Bahia 

– Sponsoring a student who would otherwise not be able to participate and graduate to the next cord level at the event. 

– Batizado Event costs such as hosting 2 special workshops for participants, shirts for mestres, sound system, food and instruments 

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