Our Karkara Kids have fun developing self-esteem, self-control and life skills while learning the very unique Brazilian Martial Art of capoeira.
Our active, fun, and structured after school not only teaches self-defense, acrobatics, music, dance, language and culture, but also; respect, self-control, courage, self-confidence, leadership skills, physical coordination and balance.

Summer Camp 2020 begins June 1st!! Be sure to secure your spot!


Over the Summer we strive to get that perfect mix of chill and excitement!!
From our daily field trips and capoeira lessons to our specialty tracks and structured play time – we keep bodies and minds engaged and active!

Current Member Rates $200 per week | Non-members $215 per week
Camp Weekly Rates includes all field trips and extended hours.

Special Discounts – SAVE UP TO 15% off of the full rate!!

Take and additional 5% OFF your weekly rate for ALL THAT APPLY:

  • Sibling Discount (First sibling at full rate 2nd sibling receives 5% discount)
  • ALL 9 WEEKS!!! (Register for the full summer and save!)
  • PAYMENT IN FULL!!! (Pay for 5 or more weeks at time of registration and SAVE!)

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