Graduation System

Cord Ranking System

Each capoeira group follows its own cord system for students as they rise up through the ranks becoming better and more well-rounded capoeiristas. As in other martial arts, the color of the cord a capoeirista wears indicates his/her level of expertise in training. Here is the ranking system for Capoeira Karkara:


New Cords are awarded at the annual Batizado and Troca de Cordas where students are “tested” by the Formados, Instrutors, Professors, CMetres, and Mestres of various groups to “earn” their cord. This is an event to celebrate the students achievements and dedication to the art form that is capoeira. Typically the actual graduation day is surrounded by various workshops, rodas (where we get together to play capoeira), and social activities to include our annual Pot-Luck Celebration! The air of festivity livens the academy and the energy can be felt when the Batizado Event is approaching!


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